About Us

No Cry Babies Allowed

If you are ready to get into the best shape of your life this is for you.

Only motivated hard working people who stick to what they start are invited. Our intensive training program at our secluded lake front property is designed to whip your sorry weak ass body into an incredibly fit and strong being. We don't care if you have millions of dollars and want to train with us. If you do not have the stamina and work ethic we require YOU ARE NOT  WELCOME.

We Only Accept Six Clients Each Month

To assure you of the highest quality one on one training we only accept 6 clients a month. Everything is included during your stay with us. Housing, Food, training equipment, ground transportation, and various after training activities such as boating, fishing, hiking,and relaxing numerous spa treatments such as massages, Facials, etc. The only time you would have additional expenses would be if you choose to go off site.

Experienced Professional Staff

Our training staff is formed of current and former Olympic trainers and athletes in the fields of power lifting, boxing, wrestling, various martial arts, mma, resistance stretching, yoga, including a nurse and on call physician.

Contact Us

FAM-T Training Center

Baguio City, Philippines

Phone & Text: 09272116190 Email: kitakitzcom@gmail.com


During our training sessions we are open 24 hours a day. By appointment only if you are not a current client.

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